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how to style sundress to the office

Summer is in full swing and the soul is calling for some fun, light and airy outfits. But what if your vacation is over or hasn’t began yet, and you still have to show up to the office? Many offices allow a more relaxed, casual dress code during the summer months, and everyone is excited to partake. However, it is very easy to overdo it, especially for women. This post was inspired by one day in the office. I’ll share how I styled my favorite sundress for work.

Our office dress code

Our office dress code is “corporate casual” (aka “business casual”), though you will find people wearing anything from “business casual” to “creative” attire, regardless of numerous senior management remarks to stay within the dress code. I have even seen super “creative” folks wearing exercise clothes to the office, believe it or not. Anyways, in general, the dress code looks more like something between “business casual” and “casual”.

Most of the time I work from home, but lately have been showing up to the office a lot, so I used up all the looks I created for the summer 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge. I really had a blast with creating the outfits using just 10 pieces I chose. This challenge released my creativity, so I wanted to come up with a fresh and summery look to wear to the office. I laid my eyes on my favorite piece of my summer wardrobe: the blue floral print sundress. I wear it almost every day when running errands. This is a put-on-and-go kind of dress – so comfortable and feminine. The floral pattern and flowy material don’t require any extra styling, because it looks naturally beautiful. However, by itself it shows too much skin and looks too laid back. Thus I had to create a more subtle and office-appropriate, yet stylish look.

Let’s see how to make your favorite sun dress more conservative so you can wear it to the office:

how to wear sundress to the office how to wear floral sundress to the office

dangling multicolor earings: how to wear the sundress to the office

Styling Notes

1. Wear your sundress as a skirt.

I just added a light knitted cardigan (blue) on top to cover the short sleeves, and embellished it with a simple belt and matching shoes. You can also put a light knitted sweater on top instead.

2. Accessories

I am normally not a big fan of dangling earring preferring simple studs, but I felt like these fun multicolor earrings were just right for a little bit more summery office look.

3. Heels

Needless to say, flip-flops, sandals or that type of shoe is a big no-no for the office environment. Classy heels or flats are the perfect style to complement the sun dress for the office. I would stay with solid and neutral shoe colors; otherwise you might create a too laid-back look. The point is to make a more conservative and office-appropriate look. I wore my vegan heels by Veerah.

4. Things to Consider.

First thing to consider is your office dress code, of course. If your office dress code is “professional” or “business formal”, the sun dress, not matter how it is styled, won’t be appropriate.
Make sure the length of the dress is not shorter than slightly above the knee and the fabric is thick enough, so it is not transparent.

There are more office appropriate looks I created with this dress. These outfits would be great for the transition from summer to the fall season.

how to wear floral sundress to the office with black cardigan how to wear floral sundress to the office

how to wear floral sundress to the office how to wear floral sundress to the office

Shop The Look

Sundress – similar. My sundress was a consignment store find 🙂 You can check out ThredUp in Lace Dresses, Premium Dresses, or Capsule Dresses categories for some cute dresses at a fraction of the retail prices.

Blue cardigan – similar style

Black knit blazer – similar

Orange top – similar style and this

Shoes – Veerah The Frida

Foldover clutch – similar

Color block handbag – similar. If you like that tassel detail, you can find it here.

That is it for today! Talk to you next week 🙂


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  • Pauline Wiles
    August 7, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    I enjoyed these outfit variations, especially the one with the orange top which I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of… but looks terrific!

    • Nadia Karpov
      August 8, 2017 at 1:57 am

      Pauline, thank you so much! I am thrilled you stopped by! 🙂