Three Months Into Capsule Wardrobe

Wardrobe Capsule
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Three Months Into Capsule Wardrobe

It has been three months since I created my first wardrobe capsule. My closet looks neat and beautiful. It makes me smile every time I walk in there. Before creating my capsule wardrobe, it would rather frustrate me.

Things and changes I have noticed ever since
1. No Clutter

The closet is decluttered and clean. And it stays like this; no clutter whatsoever, no rebound!

2. Lots of Things To Wear

I always have some great outfits for any occasion.

3. Time Saving

I spend way less time deciding what to wear. I basically just grab top and bottom, a pair of shoes, one of my two handbags and add one or two accessories.

4. Clear Mind

I feel so clear minded. Our house has never been cluttered, except for the closet. But I wouldn’t get rid of clothes thinking I would have nothing to wear. But it is actually quite the opposite! It takes waaaay less time to find an outfit, thus there is no stress over what to wear and as a result, I have a clearer mind and more time to think about important things.

5. Energy Surplus

I have a surplus of energy. Things are not only taking up space, they take our energy. We constantly need to take care of things, organize them, go and get organizing hacks (containers, baskets, shelves, etc.), search through the clutter for items. I could easily spend half of my day off just going through my closet, putting everything in order, which would stay like that for a week or so. Then while dressing up and figuring out outfits, especially when running out of time, everything would get disorganized again until the next organizing day. Conclusion: less things = less energy spent dealing with them.

6. Other Things To Enjoy

I can focus on more important stuff. By freeing up my time from constant cleaning and organizing my closet, I have more time to spend with my family, on myself, on hobbies and this blog, hehe!

7.Positive Self-Esteem

I feel great about my image in general. Of course! I keep items that spark joy and fit me well, thus I feel confident about my image every single day.

8.Turned Clutter Into Cash

And as a bonus, I turned my clutter into cash by selling lots of unwanted clothes on eBay! So I have got rid of clutter and made some money. 🙂


Those are things that I noticed immediately after introducing this concept into my life. More important and joyful things come into your life as soon as you get rid of unimportant things that take up physical and mental space, and suck energy out of you.

I’d love to hear how your life changed with the capsule wardrobe.

Be Happy

Nadia 🙂

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