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how to pare down or purge your closet

If you really think about it, you don’t even wear the majority of your clothes. You wake up in the morning and are promptly convinced that you have nothing to wear. Even with a closet brimming full of clothes, you struggle making a decision. If you’re anything like me, you have a select few t-shirts and the same pair of shorts that you wear and wash regularly. While keeping to minimalistic clothing amounts is quite common, there seems to be little done to employ that method permanently. What if, for example, we only had those tried-and-true pieces in our basic wardrobe — and nothing else?

Remove The Stuff You Don’t Love

“The world’s not about collecting stuff, it’s about seeing stuff.” Rakan, a character in a popular online game, voices this claim. The fictitious character’s words portray an opinion shared by few. The whole idea behind minimalism is finding contentment in the things that truly make you happy. When you take away stuff that you don’t really care for or items that you don’t actually use that often, you’re left with the things that you sincerely enjoy. Putting an outfit together each day gets a whole lot simpler when you have less from which to choose.

This serves as a brief guide of how to pare down your closet. To break it down, you’ve got your clothes that don’t fit or don’t love, pieces that are no longer fashionable, and items that are now in rather poor condition. Once you move each of these items out of the way, you’re left with a much more basic wardrobe with minimalistic clothing.

It Doesn’t Fit? Kick It

As we go through life, it’s hard to ignore the flashy trends and the glamorous outfits that adorn the windows at the mall. You’ve probably picked up a few things, either at sales or in outlets or what have you. But do these things still fit? Do you struggle to fasten the third button on your high-waisted shorts? Is that crop top a little bit too baggy? Or perhaps some of them are just no longer in style. These are the sorts of items that ought to be at the top of your list of “what to get rid of”.

And what about those items that you’ve had for years but have been slowly deteriorating over time? That one sweater has had a bit too many washes, you can tell. It’s begun getting those tiny little balls all over it. If something is no longer in peak condition, that’s a tell-tale sign that it has run its course. It’s time to kick it out of your living space. And maybe you weren’t super keen on that sweater anyways. Is there a piece in your basic wardrobe that you don’t absolutely adore? Do you find yourself repeatedly passing it by as you choose an outfit for the day? These are two signs that you should remove it from your closet entirely.

Waste Not, Want Not

Just because you aren’t going to be keeping around some of your clothes anymore, doesn’t mean they have to be thrown out completely. Go online to TheRealReal — a luxury consignment shop — or check out ThredUP. Both of these websites are great for consigning things online. Another option is to set up your items for sale on eBay or post ads on Craigslist. If you live in a place that has thrift stores and consignment shops, visit them to see if they’re able to take your donations or consignments.

A fun way to get rid of your old clothes would be to host a clothing swap. Invite your acquaintances, friends, and peers. To make it a little more interesting, make it BYOB! Host the clothing swap on a date that your friends will have time to stop by. Encourage them to bring old clothes of their own collection that they’re willing to part with. Clothing swaps can get a little messy, so be sure to designate various corners of a room to different people or different styles of clothing. Blouses in one area, shoes in another, and so on.

So What’s Left?

You may be convinced you’re going to miss those cute suede booties (even though you never wear them). You may be hard-pressed to admit that you really should part ways with that comfy but ragged sweatshirt that has “goals” adorning the front. And the truth is that you might miss them. . . at first. In the long run, these pieces of clothing will not haunt your thoughts. It’s just one more choice.

I know this can be so difficult to go through with. As women, we get emotionally connected to objects and clothing far easier than men do. Think about that one slinky dress in the back of your closet that you paid a lot of money for but never wear. The keyword here is that you never wear it. It’s just taking up space! When you pare down your wardrobe, you’ll find yourself a lot more intentional when it comes to shopping.

The Commitment is Tricky, But Worth It

Paring down your items to create a more basic wardrobe for your minimalistic clothing is essential. If you are interested in attempting this lifestyle, you may find it to be difficult at various points. But the more readily you commit to sticking to the articles of minimalistic clothing you have, the more content you will be. The exciting part is creating different outfits from the remaining pieces you have left.

After you’ve gone through your wardrobe, purged everything you don’t love or wear or like, it’s going to feel different. For one, your closet is going to look naked. But more importantly, you won’t feel weighed down or cluttered by all the stuff spilling out of your wardrobe. You’ll have so much more freedom. When you travel, you could just bring a carry on! Outfit decisions in the morning are a lot less hectic. Over time, this lifestyle can boost your happiness and introduce you to viewing the world a bit differently. A bit better.

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