Sustainable shopping: Classy, Comfy, Vegan Heels

Sustainable Shopping
veerah vegan shoes

Before I jump to the main story I just want to say that I have a got a very sweet surprise today. So, hang in there and I will tell you at the end of this post, because logically and chronologically the best place to share it is at the end.

I have recently been on the hunt for some beautiful and feminine heels that are comfortable and made responsibly. Sustainable fashion is on the rise nowadays, however, the brand names are not widely known, thus shopping responsibly requires some research beforehand. Looking through the multiple sustainable brands’ products, I noticed common traits – a lot of them are: simple, minimal, relaxed, a little baggy, a little chunky, especially shoes. Shoes are mostly flats or with a chunky wide heel. Not quite what I was looking for. I even started to get a little disappointed. As I had made a commitment to slow and sustainable fashion, I now was constrained to the choices available that don’t necessary go with the flow of my personal style. After searching for a little while I came across the company Veerah, which means Warrior in Sanskrit.
You judge:

veerah black shoes

The Audrey

Veerah vegan shoes

The Mulan

Veerah vegan shoes

The Mulan


This is in no way a sponsored post on behalf of the company, though may contain affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure policy here. I truly love their product and believe you will, too.

As more and more people are switching to eco-friendly and people-conscious choices, some brands are playing an unfair game via green washing; claiming to be sustainable while there is no evidence of them being such. One of the most important aspects of a sustainable brand is to be transparent about their materials sourcing and employee working conditions. Veerah has plenty of information on their website. However, if you have any questions, you can e-mail them – they are extremely responsive.

Here are some quick facts I love about this particular brand


They are transparent about every material they use from the sole of the shoes to the packaging. Their materials meet European standards, and Europe is known for more strict regulations when it comes to human health and environment protection than the United States. You can find out more about the materials they use here. Every single one – from sock lining to the paper they wrap their product in.


Of course! Because they are vegan.

Empowering women

Veerah is a women-led company that is helping other women to pursue their dreams through paid volunteering programs. They also pay up to 10 hours per month to the women to take self-improvement courses. At least 1% of their earnings are contributed to social impact issues.

Benefit Corporation

Being a Benefit Corporation (aka BCorp or BC) their goal is to lead their business in the most sustainable way to minimize negative environmental, social, and economic impact.

What about the shoes?

They are AMAZING!

Veerah vegan shoes with dust bag

I tested them everywhere – wore them to the office, dinner and for an afternoon stroll through the city. I can tell they are designed by women who wear heels and know how it might feel after a day of walking. My shoes have medium heel height – 3.2”, but I barely feel them. It is incredible how they achieve that feeling of soft leather, but it is like walking on clouds. The insoles are also very cushy – thanks to the plant-based memory foam padding.

Recently I realized one thing: Do you happen to get blisters when you wear new shoes the first couple of days, especially on your ankles? That was not the case with these shoes! Not at all! And as I said, I didn’t realize that until I was in the middle of writing this review.

The shoes are classy, but have a modern twist – an asymmetrical V-cut vamp to add a touch of femininity.

I love that they come with the detachable and reversible strap, so I can create a subtle office look or spruce them up with the reverse graphic side for date night. Furthermore, you can order more embellishments separately, and create even more looks.Veerah accessories


With Veerah, there is no need to sacrifice your style while doing a good thing for the planet. Indeed, their motto is “Do good. Look incredible.” Their luxury shoes cost a little bit above average price, but are absolutely worth it, if not more.

Lately I have been sharing the versatile looks on my Instagram, but if you are not following me there, here is a replay 🙂 And I promise, you will see these shoes a lot in my IG posts!

Veerah vegan shoes


A Sweet Surprise

I finished writing this post couple of days ago, but returning to add a thank you note to the Veerah company for a lovely surprise I received in the post. I was a little bit puzzled for a moment when I saw who the sender was. “Did I order something?…” I thought to myself. When I opened it, it was a little box with hand-made tassels of matching colors and… a HANDWRITTEN postcard saying that it was a gift for me! Handwritten! When was the last time you got anything handwritten? Especially from a business? It was a very pleasant personal touch!

Funnily enough, I was actually looking at those tassels thinking this accessory would be perfect for a special occasion! 🙂 Now all I need is a special occasion (hello, friends!!! Someone, please, get married sometime soon!!), so I can wear these beauties!

Thank you Veerah!

Be Happy,

Nadia 🙂


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