Summer 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Recap

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summer capsule wardrobe challenge

Summer 10×10 Challenge Recap

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in the summer 10 x 10 challenge hosted by the beautiful Caroline from Unfancy and Lee from Style Bee. Huge-huge thanks for hosting, too, ladies. If you have no idea what I am talking about, the 10 x 10 capsule wardrobe challenge encourages you to create a mini capsule wardrobe consisting of your ten favorite pieces including tops, bottoms, and shoes, and to create ten different looks using just those pieces for ten days. The ten items exclude accessories and handbags. However, there are a few guidelines rather than rules. If you decide to exclude shoes and choose 10 pieces solely from your clothing, that is absolutely fine! Just don’t take it too serious and have fun! I did!

I have been sharing my outfits on Instagram for ten consecutive days. In this post, I am doing a recap of my entire 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge and share some takeaways.

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10 pieces I used

10 pieces 10 outfits challenge


Shop The Look: Mauve Satin Pants (similar) | Classic White Silk Blouse (similar made responsibly and this one)A|X Gray Tee (similar) | Zara Mustard Skirt (similar style from consignment store) |  Blush Pointed Mules by Everlane | Black Tank Shirt (similar made responsibly in blue) | Ginger G Top with Elephant Print (from consignment store) | Pink Print Sleeveless Bottom Down Shirt – old (similar made responsibly in blue, this and this in multiple colors) | Cream J. Crew Pant (similar) | Veerah Vegan Heels |

10 looks I created

summer capsule wardrobe challenge. Mustard skirt summer capsule wardrobe challenge. black and cream capris

capsule wardrobe. black and cream capris summer capsule wardrobe challenge. white top and mauve pants

 summer capsule wardrobe challenge. pink print top and mauve pants summer capsule wardrobe challenge. pink print top and mauve pants

summer capsule wardrobe challenge. elefant print top and mauve pants summer capsule wardrobe challenge. elefant print top and cream capris

capsule wardrobe. pink print and cream capris summer capsule wardrobe challenge. pink print and cream capris

 summer capsule wardrobe challenge. white and cream capris summer capsule wardrobe challenge. gray top and cream capris

summer capsule wardrobe challenge. Mustard skirt summer capsule wardrobe challenge. Mustard skirt

Takeaways this summer capsule wardrobe challenge

-I realized how little I actually need. Needless to say I haven’t missed a single item that was not included in my mini capsule
-I have never felt more put together before this challenge
-This capsule wardrobe challenge, along with documenting it, is very helpful when dressing up after the challenge. This allows me to get it done more quickly, because I already see an entire picture. I loved every outfit I came up with, and it makes me feel more confident wearing them.
-I could easily go beyond 10 outfits using the same 10 pieces.
-Minimal doesn’t mean plain.
-I received so many compliments about my look during this challenge! I am wondering what was the trick – the clothes or my radiating confidence wearing those clothes. And I tend to think the latter one is a bigger part of the reason. {wink}
-This was my training before our trip to Europe (two countries – two different climates), which I am planning to do with carry-on only. Can’t wait to start planning my travel capsule wardrobe soon!


Cons of the mini capsule wardrobe

What are the cons of the super tiny capsule wardrobe? You have to be very careful not to spill anything on yourself, otherwise you either need to wash/clean it right away or you might end up with fewer outfits. On the other hand, the purpose of this challenge is to get creative with your clothes and rework them until they work for you. This is not a torture; if you spill a cup of coffee on yourself, don’t feel guilty for swapping one piece for another one or two. Speaking of taking care of your capsule wardrobe, I found a really good article by Be More With Less on a great laundry routine for your wardrobe.
Though I planned and photographed my outfits in advance, it doesn’t mean I had a chance to wear all off them. Three or four of them are still waiting for their turn. This is because I mostly work from home, and there was no excuse to get out the house in the middle of the week. 🙂

However, I surely will refer to my pictures in the future.

There were also several bloggers sharing their outfits on IG, which I really enjoyed following. You might want to check out their recaps, too:

Erin from The Minimalist RD

Blue botton down shirt and shorts outfit


Karen from Sustainable Fashion Chat

outfits from summer capsule wardrobe


Allison from The Thoughtful Closet

brown skirt and black sleeveless top outfit

Be Happy 🙂





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