Best Way To Find Your Personal Style

Wardrobe Capsule
mustard zara skirt paired with ginger g top and long crochet cardigan

Best Way To Find Your Personal Style

It was pretty hard for me to describe my personal style, and looking into my closet made it even harder because I had so many absolutely different styles.
But when I got into cleaning my closet and adopting the wardrobe concept, I was worried that I couldn’t really describe my personal style, and how the hell would I know what to keep and what not to keep??!! But it was easier than I thought! Just bear with me.

Overflowing Closet

When I surfed the internet looking for tips on how to define your personal style, I found a number of steps and suggestions. Like saving your favorite styles onto your Pinterest board and then analyzing it. Although this might be a fun thing to do, I doubt it will work. You might like the style in the picture, but it doesn’t mean it would fit you, your body type and personality. Or this one: take a look at your clothes and figure out what colors and patterns you wear the most – that’s right… I have been there. You will probably get confused looking at your overflowing wardrobe or maybe even get frustrated like I did. Or better yet, find the celebrity(ies) whose style(s) you admire the most… Be like them, buy what they buy, try to keep up with the trends they are following – is that the message they are trying to send you?

Easy way to find your personal style

This is what I did (you can find the steps from my very first blog post about my experience with the capsule wardrobe). After I created my capsule, I looked at it, and it struck me how easy it became to define my style! It just happened by accident. The point of this exercise was to clean out my closet and find a few pieces that will work interchangeably to create different looks; not to find my personal style.

Steps to finding your personal style

1. Think about your life style

I estimated how much time I spend out of the house running errands, in the office and at parties.
As of right now, I am mostly working from home and have no upcoming parties or special events for the next several months. So you can see how this estimate will help you to plan your wardrobe accordingly.

2. Empty Your Closet Completely

I took everything (every single piece of clothing) out of the wardrobe and placed it on our bed – this would keep me motivated to clean the bed by bed time (clever idea from Be More With Less)!

3. Sort Your Clothes

I started forming piles:
A. Love it pile. Would put this on right away and wear it, because I love the fit, the look, and feel comfortable wearing it.
B. Maybe pile. Off-season clothing or clothing that I like but it doesn’t fit me right now (still have to shed several baby pounds).
C. Nice but No. These are clothes that look nice and are good value, but I don’t wear them anymore. These ones I can sell on eBay.
D. Nope. These are not expensive items that I can donate.
E. Recycle. Damaged or clothes in poor condition.

4. Have a Fitting Session

For the last step, I tried on every single piece from Pile A and thought about the sensations and listened to my feelings. The pieces that made me smile and put a sparkle in my eyes were put back in the wardrobe. Otherwise, it would go into piles B or C. After I was done with the third step, I realized what my real style was! You will see the whole picture right away – it’s that easy! I would not not describe it in one word. But rather in several, because it is a combination of several styles. And that is absolutely ok! Who said you should stick to one style? So here are the words that describe my style: minimal, mostly neutral, relaxed, casual.

mustard zara skirt paired with ginger g top and a crochet cardigan

I promise, you will have fun with this project. Furthermore, you will feel joy from decluttering and de-owning, because clutter-free space leads to a clear, clutter-free mind. You will have less, but those items that you do choose to keep will bring you more joy and satisfaction. This is actually one of the traits of minimalists – we only live with things we love.

Here is a great resource that you might also find helpful: it is a capsule planner prepared by Caroline from UNFANCY.
I really love to hear from you about your experiences and see your pictures on Instagram with #happymalista!
Now I am off to put together my summer capsule! Will be sharing the progress with you shortly!


Be happy 🙂



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