Packing Guide: Four Tips and What I Wore in Montreal, QC

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Old Montreal

Last week I shared our slow travel to Montreal, QC. When I planned the trip, my main goal was to enjoy the experience as much as possible and care less about what to wear. Thus I pre-planned every outfit I was to wear, which saved me tons of time and frustration when getting dressed. I knew exactly what to put on every single day.

In the past when packing for a weekend getaway, I would pack a large suitcase with several pairs of shoes and handbags, and plenty of clothes “just in case” I decide to wear them. The packing was stressful. I would usually wait almost to the last moment, and then frantically throw everything that I “might wear” into the suitcase. And all this just to find out that I have “nothing to wear”! What was I thinking when I packed that pair of shoes? Or why did I end up using just one handbag? Because the others don’t even match my outfits.

After switching to a capsule wardrobe, packing became stress-free and actually a pleasurable experience. All my items fit into carry-on with plenty of room left.

weekend packing list

Here are a few tips to consider when packing for several days getaway:

Consider Weather

The very first step when packing is to consider the weather. The weather in Montreal was cooler than in New Jersey, with even cooler nights. I had to be prepared for chilly mornings and evenings, and even rain.
I chose mules and chucks; and I am glad I did. Those two are perfect for both warm and cool weather.

Consider Activities

Think about what are you planning to do and choose garments appropriately. We planned to walk a lot, so I made sure to choose comfortable flat shoes. I would also avoid packing a new, barely worn pair of shoes, as you don’t know if they would cause blisters or not. Initially my Everlane mules (the most comfortable shoes and the ones I packed for this trip) caused blisters after prolonged walking.

Create a mini-wardrobe

When packing, especially for a longer getaway, try to pack at least 70% of core items, such as denim, khaki, navy, black, white. And only 30% of items should be accent colors, patterns and accessories. This is a Michael Kors’ 70/30 no fail rule. This makes it easy to assemble outfits and use garments interchangeably.

Assemble each outfit before packing

I assembled every outfit before packing it to make sure it looks alright and I am not missing anything. Take selfies if needed and use them as a cheat sheet when getting dressed.


See my capsule makeup that works for any occasion.

capsule makeup

What I wore: Day 1

ivory capris, pink button down and denim jacket

The first day was rainy in the morning, so I chose one of my “cooler weather” outfits – capris, a sleeveless button down paired with chucks and a denim jacket. I eventually took the jacket off when it got warmer.

ivory capris, pink button down shirt and chucks. how to wear chucks


What I Wore: Day 2

white blouse and khaki shorts

The weather was perfect for shorts and a light and breathy white blouse. It was a great choice for a sunny day, as the long sleeves provide extra UV-protection. Everlane mules are as soft as home slippers: great for walking all day long.

white blouse and khaki shorts outfit

What I wore: Day 3

floral dress, denim and chucks outfit

On the last day we strolled around La Plateau – a hipster-approved place with hundreds of cute coffee shops, independent restaurants, and boutiques. So I think pairing my sundress with chucks was appropriate.
This was actually my outfit on the ways to and from Montreal.

floral dress and chucks outfit. how to wear chucks

I hope these tips will be helpful when you pack for your next trip.
Do you have more tips to share? Please leave a comment!

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