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Wardrobe Capsule
Fall capsule wardrobe

It has been warm here in New Jersey, so I felt reluctant to pull out my Fall clothes as I wanted to stretch the summer a little bit further. However, the cooler weather is just around the corner, and I finally pushed myself to switch my wardrobe.

Smooth transition from Summer to Fall

I am not completely switching to a Fall wardrobe though; I prefer to transition from hot to cooler and then from cool to cold weather. With this being said, I’d rather swap several summer items and add layers. I actually love the Fall season, because of the opportunity for layering which adds interest and depth to the outfit.

Closet clean out and planning

After my major closet clean up, there were still some opportunities to clean out even more and turn them into a little bit of cash: things that don’t fit, suit, or I don’t love to wear. Speaking of that, I was surprised how many mistakes I made in the past when buying clothes. And it is not even the shape, it has a lot to do with the color. I realized that the colors that I thought suited me, actually don’t! Color can work magic in both ways – “your” colors can make you look fresh and younger. The wrong colors make you look tired and older. I recently took a paid class about defining your true colors, I learned a lot, and can’t wait to share everything with you. Once you learn the secret, you take most of guesswork from shopping forever. I will be covering this topic in my future posts, so you definitely don’t want to miss it. And you won’t if you let me send it directly to your e-mail inbox!

So back to my wardrobe. When I sorted through my clothes, I considered what I already have and what I was missing, so I could create my wish list and use it as a plan when shopping. This is actually a very important exercise to do if you want to shop sustainably and buy only clothes you will love to wear. Why is it part of sustainable shopping? Because you won’t buy clothes that you don’t need and that would end up in the consignment store in the best case scenario. No emotional or spontaneous shopping whatsoever! I love to browse the internet a collect pictures of clothes and shoes that I want to shop for. You can see this to the left in the sidebar.


Fall wardrobe sample

After I removed the main accent color (and I will talk about this in future posts) I thought suited well, my wardrobe looked pretty boring, as I love colors. So, I definitely need a few more juicy hues in my closet. Here is what I have so far. You can see that there are garments from my Spring and Summer capsules that I was able to incorporate into my Fall wardrobe.

fall wardrobe sample


Regardless of some missing pieces, I can create literally an unlimited number of outfits using just those pieces. I will be sharing some of them here in upcoming posts and on Instagram. See you soon!

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