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blue cashmere sweater

For those who are not familiar with the term, “Clothing Haul” means going to the fast fashion stores, buying a ton of cheap clothes and showing them off on one’s YouTube channel. Earlier this year, Fashion Revolution invented an alternative called “Haulternative”, where one makes a video showcasing the garment(s) that are either DIYed, fixed, swapped with friends, second-hand, or vintage.

Fashion Revolution Grows Awareness

By inventing this challenge, Fashion Revolution is trying to grow awareness about fashion affecting people and our planet.
• As crazy as it sounds, 1 tee shirt can take up to 2720 liters of water to make: this is how much an average person drinks in three years.
• On average, an American family spends $1700 on clothes every year, and most of these clothes will be either worn briefly and then go to landfill or just take up space in the closet.
• An average British women has about $380 worth of clothes she will never wear; that equals 22 outfits.

From Love to Hate to Love

I had a complicated love-hate relationship with fashion. I used to be a shopaholic, shopping was like a therapy or sport for me. My closet was overflowing with nothing to wear. Then it was replaced with frustration, then contentment. Now, I have fallen back in love with it while still being content and selective. I took a little break to realize what is important for me in my wardrobe. I learned to filter all the buzz and marketing frenzy, and see what I truly need, and what defines me as who I am. And in the new year, I will be sharing my recipes on how to make fashion work for you to its fullest, not vice versa.

So, let’s get back to the Haulternative. So, haulternative is about making a video about updating your closet without buying new garments (read: wasting valuable resources).
No, I don’t have my personal YouTube Channel, but who said I couldn’t share pictures of my Old New Clothes and the way I styled them? They are my additions to the fall-winter season.

They come from my two favorite online consignment stores – ThredUp and The Real Real.

red cardigan with jeans and burgundy boots

red cardigan with jeans and chucks


Banana Republic Cardigan From ThredUP


cashmere sweater

cashmere royal blue sweater

Autumn Cashmere Sweater from ThredUP


paco rabanne wool coat

black wool coat paco rabanne

Paco Rabanne Coat from The Real Real

I hope you enjoyed my haulternative, and maybe are inspired to do it as well!

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