My first capsule wardrobe

Wardrobe Capsule
white top and jeans outfit

It was spring when I created my first wardrobe capsule, when the weather is less than predictable in New Jersey, so I had to account for that. For my spring wardrobe, I chose rain boots, regular booties, chucks and heels, as well as several jackets. My entire wardrobe, including accessories, came in under 40 items. 33, to be exact. I managed to create a wardrobe capsule without shopping for a single additional item, which made me really happy! I realized that I actually have plenty of outfits with my current items regardless of my “nothing to wear” perception of my closet.

Spring wardrobe capsule

So far I have not missed a single thing that I put away out of sight.

As I promised in my previous post, I came up with a number of sample outfits, and those are only a small portion of outfit ideas I could create with my current capsule wardrobe.

Styling Tips

Most of my outfits are casual and only a few business-casual, just because I created it in accordance with my lifestyle and the frequency I need to dress for the office. Since I only need to show in the office once a month or so, this is reflected in in my capsule wardrobe.

Spring capsule wardrobe outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. chicks and jeans outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. chucks and jeans outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. purple, pink and military green. purple outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. casual outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. casual outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. red jacket and rain boots. casual outfit

spring wardrobe capsule. chucks and distressed jeans outfit with over sized cardigan

spring wardrobe capsule. long black cotton dress, jean jacket and chucks outfit.

A few office capsule wardrobe outfits:

office business casual outfit. black capris and blouse

business casual wardrobe capsule outfit

business casual wardrobe capsule outfit. White shirt outfit, black pants.



Be happy!


Nadia 🙂


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