Creating Your Simplified Summer Make-up Routine with Capsule Makeup

capsule makeup

When it comes to your summer makeup routine what if I told you that buying less will actually give you more in the long run? For me this realization manifested in the form of an “ah- ha moment.” I used to spend hours inside Sephora scanning the aisles for the best eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascaras. Only the most expensive foundations, concealers, and lip liners would due, despite the fact that most of these products create similar illusions anyway. Yet there I stood, lost inside my caboodle searching endlessly for that nearly identical tube of rose pink lip gloss. Never fully realizing that the answers to all my summer make-up routine problems is simple. All I needed to do was purge. But where to start?

Step One – Get Radical: Decide which products are no longer serving you.

Like most women having a cluttered cosmetic bag has become my norm. Whether it’s a clean and casual daytime look or a sultry evening smokey-eye, I find that such beauty “staples” have actually become more of a hindrance to my summer make-up routine than an enhancement. Deciding to let go of certain beauty products that are no longer serving you is critical. By eliminating unnecessary and often duplicate beauty products from my summer make-up routine I am able to cut the clutter and focus on the products that I love the most.

Step Two – Know Your Look: Or in this case your skin.

I have combination skin, and am also prone to small breakouts here and there. So I like to keep my summer make-up routine light and easy, as these are the months when my skin is most vulnerable. During summertime my skin is even more prone to breakouts so I like to create a finished result that looks more like “no-makeup.” This produces a look that is very hypoallergenic and organic and allows me to target the beauty products that work best for my skin and that I can’t get rid of.

Step Three – Get Creative: You can create more looks with less than you can imagine.

Similar to capsule wardrobe when it comes to capsule makeup, which is just my simplified version of the products I love the most in my summer make-up routine. By getting my make-up bag organized according to which products serve me the best I am able to focus on creating new looks with just a few really great products.

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Products I use for my Simplified Summer Make-up Routine: The Beauty Capsule.

summer capsule makeup

Tarte Cosmetics is a company that I’ve loved for a while and have become obsessed with lately. Their mantra is “high-performance naturals” and they use a ton of natural ingredients in their products, cruelty-free, and are also vegan. I’ve made it a goal to find companies that are more natural and don’t use harmful chemicals in their products. But at the same time have products that perform just as well.

Tarte BB tinted moisturizer

Very light (non-cakey) moisturizer that is sun protected, dermatology tested, hypoallergenic, and vegan. I find this cream most important in keeping my skin hydrated and dewy and simply can’t live without it.

Tarte Waterproof Concealer

I love this product because it offers full smooth coverage that doesn’t flake as I like to use this in my simplified summer routine daily.

Tarte Mascara

I feel somewhat lost without this one as it offers so much when it comes to capsule makeup.

Tarte and Eye Pencils

For me finding the best cruelty free eye liners and eyebrow pencils is amazing. I apply them with virtually every look around the eyes. It is great for creating wings and angles.

Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette

Walking into Sephora for your favorite Smashbox eye shadow palette can be tempting. But nevertheless this task can be easier than you think. I like to choose colors that work best with my features. I figured what palette I keep returning to, so I chose a very simple one. But there are more complex and sophisticated palettes for any taste.

smashbox eye shadow palette

SPF Tinted Lip Balm by Fresh

A semi-transparent tinted lip treatment called Sugar gives my lips a natural look, feel, and texture. I cannot leave my house without it. Both SPF tinted and in a variety of both sultry and simple colors-with this I can’t go wrong.

Eco Tools Eye Brush Set

Both recycle friendly, and cruelty free I like to apply my makeup with Eco brush sets as they are remarkably resourceful ways to look beautiful and also save lives. Using renewable bamboo brush handles and 100% tree-free paper for packaging, this brush set is an essential to any capsule makeup routine. I use them as a daily alternative to replace expansive brushes – this way I don’t clutter my cosmetic bag with useless staff, and at the same time help the environment.

eco tools eye brush set

Using these products I can create any look. Whether its light and easy day makeup or a bold and dramatic smokey eye. Whenever I need more complex makeup for an event like a wedding reception, I go to a professional makeup artist. The results of having a capsule makeup routine are limitless. You just have to take the first step.

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