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What is seasonal color analysis?

Seasonal color analysis helps to define what “season” you fall into based on the natural colors within your body: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Based on this, you know what colors will suit you the most. If you have ever tried to find out what colors best suit you, you probably came across this concept. However, quite often it can be rather confusing; you have to take into consideration skin, hair, and eye color. When you go through the questionnaire, you might find that you have a ‘spring’ hair color, ‘summer’ skin, and ‘winter’ eyes. Before we continue, let me clarify one thing. Your color type is based on your skin. Not your eye color, not your hair. Just your skin thickness and undertone. For example, it is a common misconception that ‘winter’ types have only dark brown to black hair. However, ’winter’ can be blonde. It is less common, but there are ‘winter’ type women with blonde hair. Another thing I noticed while browsing the internet is that seasonal color analysis caters mostly to white women, but how about Asians, Africans, Afro-Americans, and Latin-Americans? The seasonal color analysis is applicable to EVERY race.

Why is it important?

You have probably noticed that different colored clothes may greatly affect the way you look. You might have heard comments from your friend/mom/sister like, “This color looks great on you,” or “This color does not look good.” Indeed, the ‘right’ colors can make us look marvelous, fresh, and beautiful, healthy, radiant, while the ‘wrong’ colors can highlight dark circles, wrinkles, and make us look washed out, tired, and old. Have you seen a girl in a bright dress that overpowers her features? So you see the garment, not the person in it. It overwhelms her gentle features. Thus, defining your colors (or your color type) is a very important step before you create your wardrobe. This will make your shopping less stressful, because you will scan the store and know exactly what to pay attention to and what is not worth your time. It is especially helpful nowadays in retail stores when you are overwhelmed by the amount of things stores offer you in a marketing frenzy. It is also very important to know your color type if you want to color treat your hair in anything other than your natural color. This is what a good hair stylist will consider when suggesting a hair color palette for you. Colors that are not in your color palette will highlight skin imperfections and look cheap. I personally made this mistake in the past not knowing anything about personal seasonal colors.

How it will save you time and money?

How often do you find yourself running into these scenarios:
1. Every time you go to shop you end up buying things that you later don’t wear or wear just two or three times. It looked so pretty on the rack and in the fitting room, but now it doesn’t sparkle with joy. You can’t even tell if it looks good on you.
2. You are strolling store to store, browsing their racks, and eventually don’t buy anything because you are overwhelmed and tired from shopping.
3. You avoid shopping at any cost and go to the stores only when you absolutely need something. You feel shopping sucks the energy out of you and leaves you rather frustrated. Lately, more and more women have begun to hate shopping (and I was not an exception, before I learned styling tricks). And every one of them thinks that she is somewhat different from other women, because all other women seem to love shopping. And there is no blame; how can we love it when marketers are dumping so many new “must-have” products every week? No surprise, we are all confused and overwhelmed, so it is so much easier to avoid it entirely.

Of course, knowing your colors won’t completely save you from shopping mistakes. There is more to come on your shape and styling, and there is more to come on this subject. However, before you even pull a garment from the rack, you should have an idea of whether the color is a good match and how it can highlight your features and draw attention away from your problem zones.

How it works?

You will receive an e-mail from me listing the things I need in order to define your seasonal color type. I’ll examine your picture, define your color type, and send you samples of colors that will look best on you. Furthermore, I will explain how to figure out your colors without having to carry your color palette wherever you go and see “your” colors in stores. It is very easy and logical, I promise! There will be no need to carry a color wheel fan with you. I will teach you how to recognize “your” colors.
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I want to receive my FREE color analysis