Why Should You Consign Your Clothes

Why to consign and buy second hand clothes

I usually don’t post on Mondays, but today is a really great reason. October 2nd (or the first Monday of October) has gotten a new proclamation – it’s National Consignment Day! The United States throws away about 15 million tons of textiles per year. That is 80 pounds of used clothing per American. This approach has environmental and economic consequences. Waste clothes take up land space, take hundreds and hundreds of years (for synthetic fabric) to biodegrade, chemicals used in...

11 Sustainable Denim Brands Who Are Redefining the Fashion Industry

When it comes to your fall denim, I have one simple question. Why buy more jeans when you can simply reuse the old ones? Sustainability, one of our planets most important causes. Yet when it comes to modern fashion the ugly truth is that most of the materials used to produce our garments aren’t recycled for future use at all. But instead thrown away as waste. Owning jeans that are both fashionable and sustainable is a growing epidemic. Yet here...