Art of Contentment: Living in South Africa

South Africa- Art of Contentment

Written by Laurrel Allison When I left the United States in 2014, I wasn’t prepared for what would transpire. I wasn’t expecting to become an expat, whittle my belongings down to one suitcase, or meet my soulmate. But I did each of these things over the course of the following three years. Between 2014 and 2017, I visited nine different countries. I traveled around Africa and Europe. In early 2017, I moved to Taiwan. But I definitely spent the majority...

Packing Guide: Four Tips and What I Wore in Montreal, QC

Old Montreal

Last week I shared our slow travel to Montreal, QC. When I planned the trip, my main goal was to enjoy the experience as much as possible and care less about what to wear. Thus I pre-planned every outfit I was to wear, which saved me tons of time and frustration when getting dressed. I knew exactly what to put on every single day. In the past when packing for a weekend getaway, I would pack a large suitcase with...

Our Slow Weekend Travel to Montreal, QC

Mont-Royal view of Montreal. Sunset

First of all, let me define what I mean by slow travel. While it might be different for everyone, for us it means avoiding the tourist frenzy trying to see as much as we can in very short period of time. It is rather quality over quantity kind of travel: the quality of experience has so much more value than the quantity of sightseeing. But a couple of years ago, you would find us taking as many guided tours as...