Sustainable Shopping


5 Steps to Socially Responsible and Ethical Shopping

steps to responsible shopping

I had been guilty of shopping a lot in the past, doing a lot of emotional shopping and just shopping for fun. Eventually I ended up with a closet full of things I never wear or don’t love to wear; things that don’t represent my personal style. Oh, that top that looked so cool in the store? But now I don’t really like it… why bother, I paid just $15 for it. Throw it out, because it is out of...

Sustainable shopping: Classy, Comfy, Vegan Heels

veerah vegan shoes

Before I jump to the main story I just want to say that I have a got a very sweet surprise today. So, hang in there and I will tell you at the end of this post, because logically and chronologically the best place to share it is at the end. I have recently been on the hunt for some beautiful and feminine heels that are comfortable and made responsibly. Sustainable fashion is on the rise nowadays, however, the brand...

Sustainable Shopping: One Pair of Shoes Three Ways

Summer brown leather sustainable eco-friendly sandals

Sustainable Shopping: One Pair of Shoes Three Ways As the weather has gotten warmer here in New Jersey (yay!!), it is time to create a summer wardrobe capsule. Same as with the spring capsule, I will try to achieve this without any shopping. However, as I have a couple “baby” pounds to shed, I might need to get a few pieces. Also, after pregnancy, my feet grew one size up. Ugh!…:(  Thus, shoe shopping it is a priority since I...