How to Add Colors to Your Outfits like a Pro, Even though You Have no Idea About Color Theory

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Looking at your wardrobe, what do you see? Does it have vivid colors or does it mostly consist of neutrals and basic muted hues? Or maybe it has one accent color that repeats throughout your wardrobe?

Are you afraid of using colors?

I was recently shopping for slip-ons with my mom-in-law. I was looking for a fun and colorful pair of shoes, yet something that would create many outfits with the clothes I currently own. As I was trying pair after pair, she was commenting that they all looked great, but her concern is what would I wear them with? I just listened thinking that the explanation of what I am planning to wear them with would be worth a whole post, maybe even more than one. When I put on a pair of plain, navy slip-ons, she commented that those were the best of all I tried on. I knew this was not what I was looking for, I did it on purpose just to hear her comment. Which, in fact, did not surprise me! LOL!

It is easier that you might think

The truth is, many women are intimidated by using colors, thinking they would never have more than one outfit with those purple pants or yellow shoes. In reality, there are actually more ways to combine colors than one might think. You just need to know the basics of color theory! What the heck is color theory??!! No worries, it is easier than you think, and you can head to this post to read about it, understand and use this knowledge forever, not only in fashion and beauty, but in home decor, art work, etc.

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If you are not that thrilled to learn about color theory, I have some great news for you! There is a lazy and easy, yet effective, way to incorporate colors into your outfits! I was honored to write a blog post about it for Now That I Can Do blog.

Please continue to read No Fail Method of Putting Outfits Together here.

How do I know MY colors?

You might have a very logical question though: Ok, I know how to mix and match colors, but how do I know which colors best match ME?

I am actually working on this piece of content for you. It was a big eye opener for me, as I realized that the colors I used to wear do not suit me at all. “YOUR” colors actually make a huge difference: you look younger, more fresh, you feel prettier, and because of that, more confident. Defining the colors that match a particular person is the number one thing stylists do when working with clients or models. Knowing YOUR colors is important if you want to build a capsule wardrobe, and will save you from many costly shopping mistakes and wasted time. Do you want me to send it to you when it is ready?

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