8 Things I Learnt From My Capsule Wardrobe

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what i learnt from capsule wardrobe

I switched to a capsule wardrobe back in March 2017. You can read more about what inspired this transition and the beginning of this blog here. It has been more than 4 months since I started. The initial intention was to declutter my closet, get rid of things I didn’t wear anymore, and keep the items I loved. Little did I know how many things I would learn about myself within this short, just-over-four-month journey.

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My capsule wardrobe taught me:

1. My true style

When I switched to the capsule wardrobe it wasn’t my intention to find a personal style, but that’s exactly what happened; kind of like a side effect. If you have no idea what your personal style is, I definitely recommend going through the task of building your capsule wardrobe. You can search the internet for tips on how to find you style, and find many pieces of advice on it. Most of them are fun exercises, but really won’t work. You won’t find your style by looking at other people wearing clothes you like or by trying to figure out what colors or patterns you wear the most. I think the best and only exercise is to build your own capsule wardrobe, at least for the purpose of finding your style.

2.Who I am

It might sound little dramatic, but that’s how I feel. What we choose what to wear depends on what we want to communicate to the world. When we look at other people, we can guess the occasion they are dressed for, their socio-economic status, attitude, values and, maybe, even the character of the person. The capsule wardrobe taught me I don’t need to dress to express myself through clothes, to impress anyone. I dress to be comfortable and confident, and that is the best expression of my true self. People will see you exactly how you see yourself. If you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, your feelings will be seen as your true self.

3. How little I really need

Not so long ago, I participated in the summer 10×10 challenge hosted by Lee from Style Bee and Caroline from Un-fancy. For those who are not aware, this is a challenge whereby you pick 10 pieces of clothing and create 10 outfits to wear for 10 days. You can check the looks in my roundup post here. But the idea of this challenge was to encourage everyone to be creative with clothes they already own and make their closets work harder for them. After this exercise, you might realize that you don’t need that overflowing closet and it is time to pare it down for good.

4. To Shop Intentionally

Since I first started my capsule wardrobe, I have bought three pairs of shoes. I had plenty of shoes, and wouldn’t have shopped in normal circumstances. However, after the pregnancy, my feet grew one size. Thus, it was rather a necessity. All the shoes I bought were from sustainable brands (you can check out this, this, and this). I also bought four garments from one of our local curated consignment stores. But the purchases were purely intentional. That is it. Otherwise, I shop my closet and break the cycle of shopping and disposing.

5. To be Creative

Yep.. 🙂 Before the capsule, I would stare at my overflowing rack of clothing, get frustrated, pick the same jeans and one of my favorite tops and go. When I was creating my first capsule, I took out pieces I haven’t worn in years and created some beautiful outfits I keep repeating. And let me tell you one big secret. No capsule wardrobe is perfect and complete. But! You work with what you have until it works for you, because there should be no shopping during the capsule season. The first time you create it, it might seem challenging. You will make mistakes, but they will be your best teachers. You will know for sure what is not you. However, I promise, each following capsule comes together much easier.

6. To see the difference between “I like it” and “I love it”

Now I can identify what I like and what I really love. Mari Kondo’s book was a great tool to sort through the closet. Her method just made the purging session much easier and more efficient. The point of the capsule is to keep clothes you only love to put on. Finally, it feels amazing to wear things you LOVE every day

7. I can travel with carry-on

I am confident now that if I go anywhere, I can fit all my outfits into a carry-on, but look like I brought two large suitcases of clothing.

8. To apply this concept to other areas

Once you declutter your closet, you experience a surplus of energy, time, and mindfulness. You will look at simplifying other areas of your life and household. Immediately after doing my capsule wardrobe, I created capsule makeup, for example.

Those things I have noted to myself.
Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? What do you think? How does it feel? What are your takeaways? Maybe you tried and it didn’t work out, or you are a seasoned capsuler. I would be happy to hear from you!

Be happy 🙂


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