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Go Green (But Don’t Go Crazy)

green fashion

Reducing your fashion footprint isn’t as hard is it seems. You don’t need Gwyneth Paltrow’s absurd budget, nor should you feel compelled to retire your favorite dress in favor of a potato sack (*sigh of relief*). Going green means being educated about sustainable fashion and making small shifts that reflect our personal values. You don’t have to check off every box on the sustainable shopper check list; start by checking the boxes that matter most to you! Start with these...

My Fall Wardrobe

Fall capsule wardrobe

It has been warm here in New Jersey, so I felt reluctant to pull out my Fall clothes as I wanted to stretch the summer a little bit further. However, the cooler weather is just around the corner, and I finally pushed myself to switch my wardrobe. Smooth transition from Summer to Fall I am not completely switching to a Fall wardrobe though; I prefer to transition from hot to cooler and then from cool to cold weather. With this...

Why Should You Consign Your Clothes

Why to consign and buy second hand clothes

I usually don’t post on Mondays, but today is a really great reason. October 2nd (or the first Monday of October) has gotten a new proclamation – it’s National Consignment Day! The United States throws away about 15 million tons of textiles per year. That is 80 pounds of used clothing per American. This approach has environmental and economic consequences. Waste clothes take up land space, take hundreds and hundreds of years (for synthetic fabric) to biodegrade, chemicals used in...