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Capsule Wardrobe Common Misconceptions

wardrobe capsule - clothes on hangers

What is a Capsule Wardrobe? The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ goes way back to 1970s and belongs to the boutique owner Susie Faux. Basically, the term means a minimal wardrobe that consists of a very few high-quality and versatile pieces that are essential, timeless and of coordinating colors, and can be used interchangeably to create many different looks. She suggests the base of the capsule consists of about a dozen of classic pieces, which are dressed up with seasonal and statement...

My Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe

summer capsule wardrobe

It has gotten hot here in New Jersey, but I have confess, I wasn’t quite prepared, and just started busting out my summer clothes to put my summer capsule together. I had pulled some random summer clothes to wear right away, but without any thorough plan. However, planning is essential for a capsule wardrobe. My goal was to create a capsule without going shopping at all, but the reality is that lots of my summer clothes still don’t fit my...

Best Way To Find Your Personal Style

mustard zara skirt paired with ginger g top and long crochet cardigan

Best Way To Find Your Personal Style It was pretty hard for me to describe my personal style, and looking into my closet made it even harder because I had so many absolutely different styles. But when I got into cleaning my closet and adopting the wardrobe concept, I was worried that I couldn’t really describe my personal style, and how the hell would I know what to keep and what not to keep??!! But it was easier than I thought!...

Sustainable Shopping: One Pair of Shoes Three Ways

Summer brown leather sustainable eco-friendly sandals

Sustainable Shopping: One Pair of Shoes Three Ways As the weather has gotten warmer here in New Jersey (yay!!), it is time to create a summer wardrobe capsule. Same as with the spring capsule, I will try to achieve this without any shopping. However, as I have a couple “baby” pounds to shed, I might need to get a few pieces. Also, after pregnancy, my feet grew one size up. Ugh!…:(  Thus, shoe shopping it is a priority since I...

Three Months Into Capsule Wardrobe

White Converse Chucks

Three Months Into Capsule Wardrobe It has been three months since I created my first wardrobe capsule. My closet looks neat and beautiful. It makes me smile every time I walk in there. Before creating my capsule wardrobe, it would rather frustrate me. Things and changes I have noticed ever since 1. No Clutter The closet is decluttered and clean. And it stays like this; no clutter whatsoever, no rebound! 2. Lots of Things To Wear I always have some...