11 Sustainable Denim Brands Who Are Redefining the Fashion Industry

Sustainable Shopping

When it comes to your fall denim, I have one simple question. Why buy more jeans when you can simply reuse the old ones?
Sustainability, one of our planets most important causes. Yet when it comes to modern fashion the ugly truth is that most of the materials used to produce our garments aren’t recycled for future use at all. But instead thrown away as waste. Owning jeans that are both fashionable and sustainable is a growing epidemic. Yet here we stand and as many more companies join in on the eco-friendly movement, a new wave of sustainable denim has now been born.

Welcome to the Sustainable Denim Revolution!

Now that the colder months are approaching and many women (and men) are seeking a much needed update to their fall wardrobe, many are finding themselves drawn to garments that of course include lots of denim. The desire for stylish denim that is not only comfortable, ecological, and affordable has kick started my journey to become a more conscious shopper. Below is a list of my favorite fair trade denim brands that are boldly contributing to the initiative to heal the world.

Eco-Friendly Brands For Both Woman and Men:


kuyichi skinny jeans

Price Range: $120-180

With a name derived from the Peruvian God of the Rainbow, Kuyichi Pure Goods is known for bringing vibrancy and color into their brand. This brand has become a leader in eco-friendly denim making their most sought after garments not only vegan. But also 100% organic. And if you are a fan of organic denim jeans than you will simply fall in love with them. I know I did!



Kings of Indigo jeans

Price Range: $60-415

With the sole mission of providing quality denim for the next era, this lovely brand truly transcends all boundaries. Boasting both Japanese and American roots, Kings of Indigo jeans embodies the true essence of minimalistic and modern beauty. With each garment made consciously, their products not only help the community. But they also educate others who may be on the fence when it comes to the sustainable denim revolution through a yearly sustainability report. Check out their production process for more details.



Mud Jeans

Price Range: Lease – $9/month  Buy new – $115

With the sole mission of changing the world through one recycled pair of jeans at a time, Mud Jeans is becoming one of the top brands for the sustainable era. With the eco-friendly option of both leasing (7.5 euros per month) and buying your jeans (98 euros), this brand truly offers consumers a triple threat when it comes to the environment. They also offer free repairs!



AG Jeans

Price Range: $148-325

Known for their out of this world distressed denim looks, Adriano Goldschmied Inc. offers an array of organic washes and styles. Boasting a DNA rooted solely in denim, their style has evolved from an exclusive premium brand to a contemporary lifestyle brand that reflects both elegance and sensibility. Priced anywhere from $148.00 to $325.00, this brand offers a unique array of styles for both men and women. Check out some of their new arrivals if you are interested in staying up to date on the latest styles.




Price Range: $75-115

Known to produce some organic brands. But not all, Monkeegenes denim is created responsibly in places like Indonesia, Turkey, and England with 100% organic cotton. “Why Organic,” is their mantra, and they consequently rebel against the normal fashion quo by ridding their production process of low wage labor, child labor, and harmful chemicals. By taking a natural approach to the production process, this brand is well on its way to sparking new paradigms within the industry. Thus making them one of my top brands!




Price Range: $95-125

With sources including cotton, buttons, and zippers made 100% in Portland, Oregon and other states with the U.S, Bluerdenim provides premium tailored fair-trade denim jeans that are both fashionable, ecological, and philanthropic. This process allows for 100% transparency. For Bluerdenim thy offer with every pair of used jeans a customer donates you will get a discount on a new pair of jeans, making this brand a top innovator.


Women’s Brands Only:


Nobody Denim

Price Range: $100-200

Their story begins within a humble, family-built denim laundry in the backstreets of Melbourne, Australia where making jeans with integrity and creativity became their main goal. With on sale denim priced from $100.00 to $200.00, this brand specializes in hand customized denim that is trendy and ethical. Their new fall collection offers a variety of eco-friendly cuts bound to catch your attention.



madewell jeans

Price Range: $78-135

As a partner of J. Crew Company, Madewell.com has been establishing a recent commitment to sourcing their products responsibly. Priced from $78.00 (on-sale) up to $135.00 (regular price) this brand symbolizes the much needed shift in manufacturing thinking to produce garments that help heal the world, and also promote better working conditions for employees.




Price Range: $128-148

Creating some of the most amazing fits out there, this brand empowers its employees with the power of entrepreneurship. By allowing employees new ways to grow the business. FashionABLE offers an innovative approach to the industry. They share the belief that ending generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves and their communities. For me this brand promotes a beautiful message that can be used nationwide.


Men’s Brands Only:


Nudie Jeans

Price Range: $185-400

As one of the leading the eco-friendly denim brands for men, Nudie Jeans offers free repairs for damaged garments. Not only do they promote a recycling initiative for old denim, they also have many great second-hand options. Though a bit in the pricy side they host a wide selection in men’s styles. You can expect the price to range from $200.00 to $400.00 for 100% organic denim to offset the cost of natural production making them a go to option for men.





Price Range: $65-100

Made in England, their company is an independent, non-profit organization striving to improve working conditions within the textile industry. I was really impressed with their textile process and mission to produce chemical-free garments. I highly recommend them as an eco-friendly brand if you’re looking for a more natural pesticide-free feel and texture. With their new fall collection you can’t go wrong.


Secondhand Brands that Are Great For Your Pockets


Offering luxury designer brands TheRealReal.com is a shop that you can go to your old denim for a small fee paid to a store owner. This will help you get rid of some of those old jeans locked away inside your closet. I highly recommend them.



For every fashion lover who is looking for designer items on a budget, you’ve found your match made in heaven. With an emphasis on great moms and the ideology that second hand comes first, Thredup.com is the largest online consignment store for your enjoyment.


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