Why I Purged My Closet

Wardrobe Capsule


Why I Purged My Closet

Hi all!

This is my very first post to this blog. The idea to start it was born pretty spontaneously. We have been adopting minimal living ideas for a while, and recently I was inspired by the wardrobe capsule idea. Here is some background and some confessions I have to make.

Shopping In The Past

I used to shop a lot in the past, which was more like therapy for me. Whether I felt happy, sad, bored, or frustrated, I would go shopping. I would shop sales, and get happy that I was able to find some goodies at sale price. I would come home and be happy with my shopping outcome for a day or two, feel pretty and better overall thinking, this is it, now my wardrobe is complete (or … Well.. almost complete, after I get another couple of things). But in reality, it would never, I repeat, NEVER, be complete; I was never completely satisfied with my wardrobe. Regardless of tons of clothes I had, it always felt like there was nothing to wear.

Several years ago I even lost interest in shopping; it didn’t bring me joy anymore, partially because fashion has gotten so fast, new things, aka must-haves, are coming out EVERY day, commercials are trying to convince you that you are incomplete if you don’t have those things and people are heading to the stores again and again. Fashion has become faster and cheaper, but at what cost? At the cost of people from third-world countries living beyond poorness. Major brands are hustling in those counties for cheaper and cheaper work, and suppliers have no choice but to accept their offers otherwise they will lose their contracts. Our planet Earth and a lot of people are suffering due to this western fashion industry and the way people shop. So it doesn’t make me happy to wear that kind of clothing. So, I stopped shopping for satisfaction, but rather would get something necessary once in a blue moon. I accepted this “nothing-to-wear” feeling. However, many times my clothes made me frustrated: my closet is overflowing, and I have trouble picking out an outfit!


Recently, one of my acquaintances suggested a movie that I might be interested in (if you are reading this – hi Dasha!!). The movie is called “Minimalism”. The overall ideas weren’t new to me. However, the idea of a wardrobe capsule was totally foreign. This is where I first heard about it. In simple words, a capsule wardrobe is made of a few items in coordinating colors and styles. Ideally, the items are of great quality and are timeless, updated with a couple of trendy pieces a few times a year. Susie Faux invented this term in the 1970s.

In one of the documentary episodes, Courtney from Be More With Less mentioned the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ in context of a challenge called the “333 project”, meaning you only wear 33 pieces (including bags, shoes and jewelry for 3 months (or a season), without shopping. As I started researching this subject, I came across another blog called UNFANCY. Caroline had similar feelings of frustration with her closet, so she came up with her own wardrobe capsule. She looks stunning; her outfits are so stylish and put together, you would not believe she only makes them with 37 pieces. I highly recommend checking out her blog if you like this idea.

I felt so much relief, and wondered why I didn’t come up with this on my own, it is so simple but genius! The day after I read Caroline’s inspirational blog, I got busy following her recommended steps.

So this is how my closet looked before (and this is not including outerwear and some seasonal items stored in a container):

Hang on to see my final result. 🙂 I am so excited!!!


How did I purge my closet
1. I emptied my closet

I took everything (every single piece of clothing) and placed it all on our bed – this would keep me motivated to clean the bed by bed time! No procrastination allowed!

remove all clothes before sorting them out

empty walk-in closet

I didn’t touch any of Mr. Karpov’s belongings, but after he saw my final result, he got so inspired, maybe he will be in for this experiment shortly! 🙂

2. I started forming piles

A. Love it pile. Would put it on right away and wear it, because I love the fit, the look, and feel comfortable wearing it.

B. Maybe pile. Off-season clothing or clothing that I like but it doesn’t fit me right away (still have to shed several baby pounds).

C. Nice but No. These are clothes that look nice and are of a good quality, but I don’t wear them anymore. These ones I am planning to sell on eBay or donate.

D. Recycle. Damaged or poor condition clothes.

3. I filled my closet with only items I loved

From Pile A I started putting those clothes back that I can mix and match.


And here is how my closet looks now:

TA-DAAA!!! 😃😃😃

capsule wardrobe closet

I used to have a longer rack to store my clothes, but I am giving it up to Mr. Karpov, because, obviously, he has more clothes than me now! LOL!

I love my closet! It makes me grin every time I walk in there!

Next step is to clean up the mess and take the other items to their designated place. After I am done cleaning up this mess, I will figure out an outfit and share it with you in my next post!

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